Vendors Programs and Building your Business

Vendor relationships are an important part of our business. Clark Capital Funding offers vendor financing programs for most types of equipment and vehicles. Leasing is a financing option making good sense for both you and your customers. Leasing is an option that can quickly solve your customer’s financing needs, increase your sales, and improve your financial position.
Clark Capital Funding allows you the opportunity to offer your customers flexible terms to help overcome most objections.

Our approach to building a solid working relationship goes further than closing a sale. Over the many years in business, we have seen every industry become more and more competitive. Every business needs to stay current with a quickly changing business environment.

Service after the Sale

Your Business drives our business. Therefore we are driven to help you succeed and grow your business through First Class Service after the Sale.

Introducing Building your Business Program

  • First to Industry
  • We put you and your clients first with the best Financing service
  • Offer Free SEO health check report on website performance
  • Search to see if your website is being penalized by Google
  • SEO Engineer will offer affordable monthly services options
  • CCF Inc. does not profit from any referral or future SEO work
  • Our Goal is your Long-term Success

Our TEAM approach:

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